May 17-18-19, 2019

In partnership with Honda Canada

80 Hamford Avenue, Lachute, Qc, J8H 4P1

Safety criteria and suggestions - OUR MOTTO : RESPECT, SAFETY AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE !

  • There will be a leader's meeting to establish a rider's code of ethics to be adhered to and communicated to teammates;
  • Collaboration between the Sûreté du Québec, the city of Lachute, the city of Arundel and the MRC in order to promote and encourage respect and road user safety;
  • Each team will have at least one first aid responder and one first aid kit;
  • Two service trucks on the road to assist in the event of mechanical break downs or emergencies;
  • We expect that all our participants will show proper respect to local residents, land owners and nature. In residential zones they will slow down CONSIDERABLY (below the posted speed limit) because even at slow speeds, a group of motorcyclists is impressive and can be intimidating. Be respectful of residents in order to maintain our usage rights (cities could restrict motorcycle passage);
  • LAND USE RIGHTS - We must be mindful that certains loops traverse private property for which landowners have graciously provided us permission to cross on the date of La Classique ONLY. Never travel on or use La Classique private trails at ANY OTHER TIME.

Team Ethics

  • Motorcycles shall arrive with a FULL gas tank permitting at minimum 200 kilometres of range. Spare fuel should be carried by those at "risk" of not covering a minimum of 200kms on one tank.
  • Riders shall wear adequat and complete personal protective attire - gloves, helmer, eye protection, boots;
  • Riders must monitor the teammate directly behind them and wait for them if/when they slow down. A chain reaction will alert the team leader;
  • If you lose sight of the teammate directly behind you, immediately come to a safe stop. Never try to catch your team leader, this could lead to the false impression that all is well and acceleration by the leader;
  • Maintain a safe distance between yourself and the motorcycle ahead in order to stop safely in the event of an emergency situation;
  • NEVER cut across the centre of the road in a curve, please ALWAYS use the right most side as other vehicles often use the centre of the road. There is no room for TWO in the centre of the road...(YOU WILL LOSE, risk of severe collisions/injuries/death):
    • If you're unable to maintain the right most side of the road than you shall SLOW DOWN in order to do so.
  • At intersections, make sure that the teammate behind follows you in order to minimize the odds of the group splitting and some teammates losing their leader;
  • If you feel insecure or uncomfortable, it's possible that your skill level isn't compatible with the team you've chosen. Before a problem occurs: Slow down and stop! Please notify your leader immediatly so that they can adjust the pace accordingly. As a result, it's possible that, if the team leader feels you are unable to maintain a suitable pace while completing the loop with the group, you may be asked to return by direct route to an event site (either the Fort-Ouest lunch stop or to the Lachute site). This is why you need to ensure that the route you choose is the right one for your riding abilities!
  • Never overtake without a clear signal from the rider ahead.
Ride routes (loops)

Friendly reminder regarding the level of difficulty of the various loops: don't forget it's springtime, we're a little rusty and mother nature could rapidly change the route's condition. In order to maximize your enjoyment why not chose an easier loop than one that's too difficult?

La Gourmande

Level 0 to 1


Level 0 to 1


Level 0 to 1

Classic Plus

Level 0 to 2 (3 according weather)

Quad roads

Level 1 to 3


Level 0 to 5

Big Bertha Route

Level 0 to 4
Night Classique (motorcycles)
  • New this year, a night ride will be offered for highly experienced motorcyclists only. The number of participants will be limited to 50 (10 groups of 5).
  • The ride (start and finish) will take place at night, the start and finish will be from the La Classique site in Lachute.


  • Site opening
  • Arrival of volunteers and participants

17:00 - 21:00

  • Welcome and registration of campers
    • Camp site allocation/assignments
    • Car/Truck/Trailer parking
  • Registration for night ride

19:00 - 20:00

  • Camp fire and "Tall tales around the fire".
  • Positionning of riders for the start of the night ride.
  • Lining up of motorcycles by teams.

20:00 - Midnight

  • Start night ride
    • Rider briefing
  • Riders return


La Classique (Traditional event/ride routes/loops)
  • Saturday is reserved for the traditional La Classique event rides where all teams ride their chosen routes
  • New this year, a section of the start grid will be reserved for quad riders (four wheelers) who'll be participating in a ride entirely on "Les Montagnards" quad club trails.
  • There will be an inaugurational event to mark this premier.

Again this year, the fantastic and full day will end with a fabulous evening spent at the Top Shot (restaurant/bar) where La Classique participants will be welcomed for a memorable banquet dinner and evening full of surprises!

  • This year will feature a new and improved prize draw formula.
  • On-site campers are invited to park at their camp sites. A shuttle bus will be running between the site and the Top Shot, this will allow everyone to enjoy the evening and return safely.
  • • New this year the banquet evening will feature a live band "BackTraxx" who'll be playing 80's and 90's music for everybodies enjoyment.


Site opening
  • Car/Truck/Trailer parking (moderate parking fees applicable $10 or $5 if paid at time of registration)
  • Motorcycles shall arrive with a FULL gas tank permitting at minimum 200 kilometres of range. Spare fuel should be carried by those at "risk" of not covering a minimum of 200kms on one tank.
  • Each participant receives a program, a team decal with information provided through their on-line registration (Team, Route, etc.), each rider must sign their waiver.
    • Participants receive their T-Shirt immediatly after signing in/waivers.
    • Participants prepare for their ride - Motorcycles lined up by team
    • Mini breakfast (coffee and muffins provided)
    • Visits to sponsors kiosks are encouraged and appreciated


Morning greeting and opening remarks

  • Introductions and thanks (Briefing)
  • Safety: Rules and Regulations


All La Classique rides start (stagerred)


Hours vary depending on team arrival times at the Fort-Ouest d'Arundel complex

  • Here, you'll be served your lunch: Subway sandwich combos courtesy of : La Classique.

18:00 - 24:00

  • Banquet dinner at the "Top Shot", 417 Principale St. in Lachute.
  • Speeches &Entertainment.
  • Attendance prize draws (must be present to win/claim prizes).
  • Live band : "BackTraxx", 80's-90's cover band.

  • La Classique is adding a day of activities with a focus on adventure bikes and quads - discover and perfect new skills, discuss adventure bikes and quads.
  • Activities suited to such a gathering!
  • A significant attendance prize will be drawn for participants of Friday nights and Sundays activities (the nature of the prize will be announced at an opportune time).
    • The winner must be present during the prize draw late Sunday afternoon.



Arrival of participants on site for the day.

08:30 - 15:00

  • Welcome and registration
  • Skills challenges
  • Off-road motorcycle training classes
  • Skills Seminars (forest survival, mechanical, tire changing etc.)
  • Rider skills challenges
    • Motorcycles and Quads
  • Demo rides motorcycles and quads ... and more (several elements to be confirmed)

11:00 - 16:00

  • Start of Sunday rides
    • Thank you ride Honda Canada (5-6hr hour loop) (Reserved for select Honda clients)
    • "Gourmande - Foodies" loop (For all)
    • "Panoramique" and "Classique" loops (For all)